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Forthright General Trading!!!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality products, with our prime focus being Customer Service andIn time delivery.

Founded in 2018 by Mohinish C Alahari, Forthright GT is a Sole proprietorship with the hunger to grow.

Our aim is to be every customer's first choice in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (India) when it comes to Insulation, Aluminium Composite Panels and LED lighting with the aspiration to expand our product range further.

Mohinish C Alahari , BE, MS.


About our Partners

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1992, Superlon Worldwide has accumulated more than 27 years of manufacturing experience in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) foam. Our utmost priority is to assure consistent excellence of our insulation materials and provide a service that is second to none. We pride ourselves in presenting our customers with quality products together with prompt and reliable services.

Superlon Worldwide is the preferred NBR insulation manufacturer for the HVAC and R industry in Malaysia. Over the years, we have gained a wide array of experienced business partners, and formed various valuable collaborations and distribution networks allowing us to be the market leader.

SuperlonWorldWide are also recognized as one of the most trusted insulation brands around the world. The Superlon brand can be seen in over 50 countries.

. All Product is Antimicrobial by default
. Thermal Conductivity ( K Value at 0 Degree): 0.035
. Water Permeability: 12,000
. Acoustic 180 Kg/sqmt - 220 Kg/Sqmt
. Acoustic Thermal Conductivity ( K Value at 0 Degree): 0.040
. All Acoustic products are Antimicrobial by default


Alubond U.S.A is branded in U.S.A and World Wide by American Building Technologies INC located in Rockford Illinois and in U.A.E by Eurocon Building Industries (A group company of Mulk Holdings).

Under a 2004 sale agreement between ABTI and Mulk Holdings, The Brand and manufacturing rights were sold for exclusive use to Mulk Holdings U.A.E. Mulk Holdings currently holds worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights of Alubond U.S.A brand World Wide.

The Growth Story Started with a major expansion plan in U.A.E with three production bases of 6 lines and One Coil Coating Line making The Facility today perhaps the largest Single Production Base in The World with over 8 Million Square Meters of Production Capacity.

In a strategic expansion plan, Mulk Holdings established Alubond Europe in Serbia, with a 2 million m² capacity. This facility is focused to cater to the established European market of 40 countries with Russia and other nearby countries. European Clients of Alubond U.S.A will benefit with close proximity and EURO ONE certification of the facility and be able to take advantage of Serbia's Free Trade agreement policies with these markets.

In a major expansion plan of 2010, Mulk Holdings signed a Joint Venture agreement with DAC Systems India to launch Alubond DACS India Ltd to cater to India and Australasia Markets. The New Facility will have two High Speed ACP Production Lines as well as one fully automated state of The ART Coil Coating Line with an initial production capacity of 3 million m2 and planned to ramp up to 5 million m². A state of the art High Speed coil Coating Facility suitable for both ACP and Solid Aluminium coating upto 2mm thickness is also being established in Sri Lanka as part of MULK ENPAR Investments.

The New Production bases in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia will increase the installed production capacity of metal composite Panels by June 2012 to over 15,000,000m² and coil coating capacity to over 20,000 tons per anum making Alubond U.S.A The World's Largest Metal Composite Brand!


Quadralumen introduces QL LED lights, a premium range of LED luminaries that offer effective & efficient turn-key lighting solutions for new as well as existing retro-fit applications.

QuadraLumen's wide range of products fit-in perfectly for numerous applications - Commercial Spaces, Residential Projects, Retail Outlets, Hospitality Sector, Industrial Usage, Outdoor Lighting, Street Lighting & much more.